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Get to Know Us

Who we are

Chatos Bar and Grill is a Casual Restaurant Serving Authentic Mexican Food in Downtown Santa Ana, Ca.

We started off as a taco cart in February 2020 at Santa Ana, CA. We took inspiration from street taco vendors. 

We offered catering, pre-packaged meal preps, and worked hard to get the attention of influencers and celebrities that helped us position ourselves to where we are today,  achieving our dream to open up a restaurant.

Our Mission

Our mission at Chato's Bar and Grill is to provide Downtown Santa Ana with an upper casual Mexican dining experience that is not only authentically unique but paired with a vibrant nightlife. Santa Ana natives ourselves, as the owners and founders of Chato's Bar and Grill we have a combined eighteen years of service industry and hospitality experience which resonates in all details that are cemented in our service model. Pulling from deeply rooted Mexican hospitality ideals, we drive their team with a passion for attention to guest detail and are committed to providing fine dining service in a new and exciting contemporary setting. 

Showcasing the flavors of Central Mexico through a global approach and with an unmistakable California influence, Chato's Bar and Grill is a perfect balance of a tastefully casual environment and refined culinary exploration. The bar program is designed to emphasize the classic yet creative complexity that comes with Latin American mixology. An agave influenced menu, it's dedication to complementing the variety of flavor profiles throughout the cuisine is always at the forefront. With a handpicked selection of spirits to choose from and a beautiful display of color, Chato's bar program is sure to emphasize the allure of approachable mixology for all of Downtown Santa Ana. 


We envision ourselves as a restaurant that has a position and reputation among not only the Latin community, but any individual with a taste for the original and unique. We envision ourselves as a restaurant that creates an impact.

Our Chef

Sergio Ortega

Head Chef

Born and raised in Morelia, Michoacan. At the age of 22 he moved to Southern California to pursue a culinary degree at the Art Institute in Orange County. During his time at the Institute, Sergio gained experience working at Raya Restaurant in The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel and at Helene An’s restaurant AnQi in Costa Mesa. Right after graduating Chef Sergio landed his first sous chef position as part of the opening team of El Corazon de Costa Mesa. In 2013, he joined the Cocinas y Calaveras Restaurant Group in Los Angeles, under Chef Jose Acevedo. After working at multiple locations throughout LA, Chef Sergio moved to Austin in 2016 to work at La Condesa as sous chef.
Shortly after, due to family reasons, Sergio came back to California, where he opened the now extinct French restaurant Beau Soleil in HB as a Head chef.
After a brief stint in HB, Chef Sergio crossed the pond to help a long-time friend to open a small chicken centric Mexican restaurant in the western suburbs of Melbourne AU.
When he returned to the US, chef Sergio took a position as executive chef at Descanso restaurant in Costa Mesa where he showcased his peculiar central Mexican Culinary style at the teppan style restaurant.
Now, Chef Sergio is joining Santa Ana entrepreneurs and fellow industry peers Christopher Pham and Joey Sanchez in their new restaurant Chato’s Bar and Grill, where he’ll continue the evolution of his cuisine.

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You can also call ahead for pick up 714 392 9846